cut and paste style

Hey, dolls! Sorry I have been MIA for the past couple weeks. I was just at my church camp and that means no internet connection, but now I’m back and so excited to post some new and exciting things.

I was going around the web to get inspiration for a new blog post, and I came across a website called Polyvore. You may have heard of it, but this is a platform where you can share with anyone your style, follow new people, and of course, SHOP! So, I decided to put some outfits together and share them with you guys! Maybe you can even draw some inspiration from some of these outfits.
window shopping

H M crop tank top
$24 –

Boyfriend jeans
$85 –

Velcro shoes
$37 –

Backpacks bag
$52 –

Vinca charm jewelry

navy and white

NLST white t shirt

Blue jeans

Birkenstock black shoes
$86 –

Michael kors jewelry

cool cute casual

White singlet

Zara bag


Wet seal dress

Green coat

Greek sandals

Follow me on Polyvore, and I will follow you back! I would love to see your own personal style!

with grace,


instagram: ally.grace | twitter: agrogers3 | pinterest: agrogers3

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”

Song of Songs 4:7

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