Love Yourself And Love Others

“Love yourself”– its something that we hear all the time. “Love your flaws”, “love your curves”, “love your imperfections”: all things every girl has heard in her life. But how easy is that? We live in a world that focuses on perfection– perfect skin, a perfect body, and a perfect life. Just look at the people we look up to. Yes, I am even guilty of this. I catch myself way too many times wishing I looked more like a Kardashian/Jenner than an Ally.

So how can we make this “self-love” idea easier? How can we stop self-hate? Supporting each other. Us girls have to stick together. We can’t look at each other and wish we have something that the other does. We can’t wish we were skinnier or taller or shorter or prettier. We also can’t look at each other and think rude things. Instead of putting each other down, lift each other up. If you like her shoes, say it and don’t just think it. If she has a pretty smile, let that girl know. She spent too much money on those teeth. We already live in a brutal world. Women are looked at more for their appearance than their brain, but that is a whole other subject that I would be glad to talk about. So I am not only going to say love yourself but love each other. God calls us to love one another deeply. Love God. Love people. Spread happiness. Never stop.

“You are altogether beautiful my darling; there is no flaw in you.” 

Song of Songs 4:7

And as always.

with grace,


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